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Chairman of the Board of Directors of City TSİAD General Assembly Haydar Revi…

Chairman of the Board of Directors of City TSİAD General Assembly haydar  Revi…


  Trabzon Industrialists' and Businessmens’ Association (TSİAD) Executive Board Chairman of the Provincial General Council visited Haydar Revi

  Trabzon Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TSİAD) Chairman of the Board Zeyyat Caucasian visits, working with rural development programs, grant proposals and the EU has held.

  President Kafkas,outside the village road to take water and sewerage services was perceived as a structure "of the Special Provincial Administration and the General Assembly" in fact the local government structure is the most important of these visits have also confirmed the description was made.  

  Expressed satisfaction with the visit of President Haydar Provincial General Assembly, the Assembly provides information about the work done after the evaluation

  We just do not work with the rural area of Trabzon. President of the General Assembly of this province from outside perceived me as the first did visit gelen.STK. I am also happy that I have mentioned. Especially for rural development, cooperation in the EU will grant and said it will be happy.

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