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Berk İkinci Bahar

Center Address: Kunduracılar cad. Sultan İşhanı Kat:4 No:34 TRABZON / TURKEY
Telephone: + 90 462 321 43 20
Square Branch: Atatürk Alanı Suluhan No: 35 TRABZON / TURKEY
Telephone: + 90 462 326 82 58
Governorship Branch: Gülbaharhatun Mah. Valilik Karşısı No: 97/2 TRABZON / TURKEY
Telephone: + 90 462 224 00 60 
Kalkınma Branch: Kalkınma Mah. Farabi Cad. No:36 TRABZON / TURKEY
Telephone: +90 462 325 00 74

Founded in 1991 Berk Marketing International Trade and Industry Limited Company in the food sector with 5 branches and 49 employees, provides services.
       Square District, Development Region and Governorate in the region to 3 different restaurants and businesses in our public institutions are giving their services.  
Hygiene, and;
customer satisfaction, service-producing as taste buds by offering the privilege to win the business of the importance and service care with quality that integrates staff and our gain is the customer satisfaction as I see the happy and pleased rather win our enterprise, our industry pioneer and as an example the desire within to advance the goals at the basic poses.
      Our company with cheerful staff is working to better serve you.

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Gazipaşa Mah. Cudi Bey Mektep Sok.Mahmut Reis Apt. No:7 Kat:2 Daire:4 Trabzon / TÜRKİYE
Tel: +90 462 326 61 42 - Fax: 0 (462) 326 99 59