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The building which is located on the slopes of Soguksu and which is surrounded by pine trees was constructed by Konstantin Kabayanidis in 1890 as a summer resort. It reflects the Western and Renaissance influences and contains big and striking European symbols. The outside of the building is stone and the inside is in Baghdadi technique. The floors are covered with tiles of the time reflecting the same influence. The central heating and plumbing systems were progressive for the time. When Atatürk visited Trabzon for the first time on 15 September 1924 , he stayed in the mansion which is now redesigned as Trabzon Museum . During a short sightseeing tour to Soguksu, he saw the pavilion and liked it very much. During his second visit to Trabzon on 27 November 1930 , he was hosted in Turkish Nationalists Club building. Atatürk seemed to adore the pavilion. The people of Trabzon noticed this. In 1930, the building was registered by the Trabzon City Administrative Committee. The people of Trabzon bought it from the Ministry of Finance on 2 May 1931 and on 18 May 1931 they gave it to Atatürk as a present. After Atatürk's death in 1938, the pavilion was inherited by his sister Makbule Boysan. On 6 August 1942 , the pavilion was bought by the Trabzon Municipality again for TL 10.000 to be redesigned as a museum. It was reopened as a museum on 6 April 1943 , and it is known as the “Atatürk's pavillion” since then. In June 1937, Atatürk visited Trabzon for a third time and stayed in this building for two nights. On the night of June 11, he took his historical decision to bequeath all of his property to the Turkish Nation that he loved very much. That night he prepared a list of his properties in the Soguksu pavilion and sent it to the Prime Minister. He said: “ The wealth of a man should be in his spiritual personality. Property and wealth make a heavy burden on me. By donating all these to my nation, I feel relieved.” For an unknown reason, Atatürk did not put this pavilion in Soguksu on his list of properties. Various opinions have been put forward, but there is no documentation to support any of them.

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