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Trabzon SIAD Management Board, the Governor visited Okutan.

Trabzon SIAD Management Board, the Governor visited Okutan.

  Trabzon SIAD Management Board, the Governor visited the Okutan there his authorities. Trabzon Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TSİAD) the new Board headed by Governor Nuri Okutan Zeyyat Caucasus in the authorities visited. President Caucasus, the visits provide information about working in Trabzon SIAD file has two important projects .. Chairman of the Caucasus, noted that the economy is all over the world by calling attention to three main actors of which the public, private and civil sectors are reported. Public, private and civil sector's attention to the importance of institutional relations with President Caucasus, for this purpose "Trabzon Strategic. Plan "road map were presented to the file Dear Governor," he said. SIAD Chairman Trabzon description follows Zeyyat kafkas continued. Trabzon in entrepreneurship development, development of entrepreneurship for women in particular are special effort. Entrepreneurship courses are open every year. 1200 in the United States are grown entrepreneurs active entrepreneurship center (incubator center) exists. Entrepreneurship in the EU until the center is 800. One of our foremost task is the fight against unemployment. Visit our Dear Governor, was acquired by the Special Provincial Administration of the Han-Trabzon Alaca to increase tourism revenue for the "Women's Entrepreneurship Center" to be implemented as a project that defines the present, "he said. Trabzon Trabzon Governor Nuri Okutan said SIAD evaluate visiting: be happy you visiting, I will be hopeful of Trabzon. EU countries ambassadors and consuls each day of the visits at the level that indicates to Trabzon. States as a dynamics of the city together, and this dynamics to ensure democratic participation in urban management is our foremost duty. I will review the project presentation. Recovery efforts for the History of Trabzon tissue are shown. These efforts will be in the appropriate funding model and I believe will result in a short time, "he said.

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