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President Kafkas the South Ring Road…

Kafkas Prisident of Trabzon SİAD  ;

"Global Climate Change because of Trabzon internal and external migration will remain under threat" This makes much more important to the South Ring Road.



Kafkas Prisident of Trabzon SİAD  In his written statement, would create a problem because of global climate change, according to statements by scientists, many regions of our country 20% - 40% receive less rainfall would be water-poor as indicated. as it inevitably will lead to internal migration indicates the Caucasus, at least reduction of rainfall affected the region's eastern Black Sea region will be the internal and external migration will create the most pressure will be Trabzon province is, he said.



Kafkas  TSİAD president, global climate changes on the one hand, migration pressures will make the breast to the other side to open the front of the city from a more holistic development of the (strategic) planning studies are needed. This planning "Southern Ring Road" is vital, made the comments.



Trabzon, the region is the most advanced center of attraction. Developments will emerge and should be prepared to demand pressures. East-west direction from these settlements "viability limit" was reached on a density. Therefore, Trabzon, south of the appropriate residential areas should be opened. Preparations are already done on a very important. Project Karayollarınca made the "road around the South" will be experienced in disaster as predicted, Provincial Planning and Coordination Board's agenda to be taken, with most of the route and the city want to be the reallocation of connecting roads. Will create demand pressures will face migration of Trabzon in terms of preparation to see the South Ring Road are the key. The municipal government, and we trust Siad Trabzon City to be older, thought to be connected to the center of the town council until the end of this idea, and we even participated with the South Ring Road crowned believe in the necessity.he said.

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