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Trabzon Municipality is ready to Ramadan.

        Trabzon Municipality is ready to Ramadan.

   Trabzon,1. Ramadan Activities will enjoyed with.

   Trabzon Municipality has completed preparations month of Ramadan.

   Over four separate days in the city's 1200 municipal Ramadan Iftar dinner to people. Atatürk Square, İnönü quarter,  near the Yavuz Selim Mosque  installed in the Iftar tents in the valley with Zağnos citizens will be given to the Iftar diner.   Development in the neighborhood of the citizens, municipalities can Iftar Youth Center.

   Municipalities, because the month of Ramadan food aid will dry to 4 thousand citizens. Municipal Administration and Social Affairs Directorate staff for delivery to be completed within this week as work continues intensively.

   Of citizens in the month of Ramadan in a clean and peaceful strives to help make worship in Trabzon Municipality, 100 mosques in the city to wash the carpet was made ready for Ramadan.

   On the other hand, the team of police and the Health Directorate of     hygienic and healthy food for our people to ensure consumption market, bakery, patisserie and restaurants to maintain constant supervision.


  1.Ramadan events and will jollify Trabzon.



 August 20-September 23 by Trabzon Municipality on the first Ramadan in

the Valley Zağnos events to do with the citizens of Ramadan will have to do. 32-day events Animated shows, Semazen shows, neyzen division and mysticism concerts, Hacivat-Karagöz, chapter at night, local artists, Mehter concerts, folklore shows, Turkish Music, Turkish Folk Music, kolbasti performances will take place.
        Activities, jewelry, gifts, books, cosmetics, hope, home textile, food and beverage stands, as well as the Silver Section will be opened.
        Will be a first move in the Black Sea Region 1st Ramadan events, opening ceremony, the first day of Ramadan (21 August) 20:00 hours on Friday evening at the.

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