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Governor Kızılcık, has accepted TGİAD management

          Governor Kızılcık, has accepted TGİAD management

 Trabzon Governor Dr.  Recep Kızılcık, Trabzon Young Businessmen's Association (TGİAD) has accepted the Board of Directors of the bureau.

 Governor kızılcık, Young Businessmen's Association (TGİAD) the evaluation of the Board of Directors of Kabul "have to grow our economy.  For this, now Japan, Brazil as we will see the competitors.  I always look forward, "he said.  Governor cranberry, "Young business people in an organized very happy to see me.  Something for the region of Trabzon for the countries to produce, develop a project, to Your added value for me was happy and thrilled ziyadesiyle. "he said.

  Cafer Kurt TGİAD President is "in our region to get a bigger investment projects have always supported.  Moreover, unemployment in the region the most important difficulties.  I need people to work.  Large projects call for the owner.  Come here for investment, the exchange trades employers to Trabzon, Trabzon to receive worker, and priority to select subcontractors with Trabzon Trabzon with the company are invited to find, "he said.

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