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Development Agency Meeting Done.

            Development Agency Meeting Done.
  East of the Black Sea province (Artvin, Rize, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Ordu, Trabzon) covering Development Agency Board of Directors Meeting was held in Meeting Room B Trabzon Governorship.

  Chairman of the Board, Trabzon Governor Dr. Recep headed to meetings Artvin Governor Mustafa Yemlihalıoğlu, Giresun Governor Mustafa Yaman, Gümüşhane Governor Enver Salihoğlu, Rize Governor Zekeriya Şarbak, Army Deputy Governor Mustafa Imamoglu, area cities and mayors, provincial council chairman and industry chamber of commerce presidents attended.
  Regional development in a coordinated implementation of and disparities between regions to resolve is the establishment of development agencies, the Governor kızılcık stating, "We have received one place in 6 provinces of Trabzon muhtevi based development agency, our most recent decision by the Council of Ministers was established. Its first meeting was held to have occurred. At the meeting the deputy chairman of the selection of our overall agenda, especially development agencies to carry out the actual management of the general secretary of the determination of the nature of the agents to give you the name and emblem will be the determination of. "He said.

  Last 4th of our region to promote policies classes funded provinces, regions governor is among the cranberry reminder that, "These are among the most promotion Mazhar means we do not. More investments in our region through this withdrawal Facilities promoting the development agencies will see our very important functions. In this sense, the structure we set up an effective development of our agency and we will endeavor to develop capacity. This meeting will be beneficial to our region and our country's hope. "Phrase was used.

  Development agencies to the end of the meeting made the head of the ministry indicate Artvin Governor Mustafa Yemlihalıoğlu'nun is selected, the agent you name in the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency has been set.

  On the other hand, the general secretary will manage the agency effectively and provincial experts will be on the nature of the support desk has been set. Accordingly, the general secretary for the 4-year bachelor of (law, business, finance, public administration, international relations and graduated from engineering school), from KPDS (English) 70 and over to score and have 10 years experience in this type of work projects Having to search terms.

  Also at the meeting to determine ajansın logo contest has been decided to organize.


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