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                        CAKIRAGA MANSION
Çakiraga Mansion located in the S·raagaç Village of Hayrat District was built by Ismail Aga in 1821. Ground floor is built of hewn stone, and consists of a pantry, a warehouse and a winter room. The number of rooms on the second floor, which is covered with wood, in Baghdadi style is not known.
Thanks to the restorations by the General Directorate of Ancient Works and Museums in 1979, the mansion has survived to the present day.

It is located to the south of Yarimbiyikoglu House. Small part of the house has survived to the present day. Dating back to the 18. century, it was originally planned with an outer hall. Upper room which has been repaired recently has plaster, wood carving and hand-painting ornamentations.

Memisoglu Mansion is located to 4 km east of the Sürmene district on the main highway. Major part of the mansion was stone, but it is famous for its woodwork. It is supposed to have been dated back to the 18. century.

The construction of this mansion was started by Nemlizade Haci Ahmet Efendi in Gazi Pa·a Neighbourhood and completed in 1892. The mansion which includes four storeys and separate quarters for women and men reflects the European style of that period. Wall panels with Kütahya tiles decorate the living room and other rooms on the women quarter's ground floor.

What makes Ortahisar Houses in Trabzon built according to traditional Turkish architecture. These houses are very specific considering their urban structures and their architectures. Old houses are the structural connerstones of Turkish urban culture which formed in hundreds of years and are still living at the present day.

Some of the setlement areas in Turkey which feature sample houses have survived to the present day without important changes. Akçaabat­Orta Neighbourhood is a remarkable one among ihese areas in the Black Sea Region.

It is in the Pazarkapi Neigbourhood. This two storied house has an outer hall. Its inscription informs us thal it was built in 1706.

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