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Meydan Bath is a double bath which was built by the Kazazade Family towards the end of the 19. century. Men's section stands on the east. This section includes a dressing room, frigidarium, tepidarium (cool room) and caldarium. The dressing room preserves its originality. Tepidarium is accessed by frigidarium. Caldarium includes four rooms enclosing vaulted niches. Walls of bathing cubicles on the east are not constructed. Women's section is in the direction of northern south. This section consists of a dressing room, a frigidarium and a caldarium which is constructed to a plan like a cross including four rooms with vaulted niches.

To the south of Çar·· Mosque lies Pa·a Bath which is a double bath. Since Pa·a Bath is supposed to have been one of the foundations of Iskender Pasha, its construction date should be between 1521 and 1523. On the west side is the section for men. This section includes a frigidarium (cold room), a rectangular planned caldarium (hot room) with two cells and a dressing room. Women's section also consists of a dressing room, a frigidarium and a caldarium with two cells.

Sekiz Direkli Bath, which is located in Pazarkapi Neighbourhood, has been repaired by the Trabzon Governorship, and its dressing room was reconstructed. F rigidarium is accessed from the south corner of the dressing room. Caldarium is square, and includes four bathing cubicles placed on the corners. The height of each cubicle is 2.5 meters. In the middle is an octagonal navel stone. Eight columns that are connected to each other with arches encircle the nevel stone, and support a dome-like vault at the top. This dome-like vault and the spaces among the side walls are covered with a barrel vault all round. The construction date of the bath is contradictory. Its supposed to have been a Seljuk Bath in some of the records; however it should be dated back to the 18 century in terms of the architectural features.

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