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This storied Alaca Inn is located in Bak·rc·lar neighbourhood. Its construction date is unknown; however, the inn and the nearby bath, Alaca Hamam are both dated back to the 18 century in historic records. Rectangular planned inn displays a fine quality of stonework. It was covered with cutter tiles. All sides of the inn are buildings. The main entrance gate is in the middle of the western side. Its courtyard by a portico is surrounded by rooms. Storehouses are on the ground floor, and rooms are on the first and second floors.

Located in the centre of Trabzon's bazaar, Bedesten is the oldest commercial building of the city. It is rectangular planned with its dimensions 20.60 x 22.60 m. The bedesten is shown among the foundations of Gülbahar Hatun in historic records. Therefore, it can be dated back to the end of the 15 century. Among the Turkish bedestens it is the only example with a dome.

Tashan exemplifes best the Ottoman Period inns built with two storeys and a courtyard. Records reveal that it was built by ·skender Pasha, the governor of Trabzon around 1531 and 1533. The inn which has experienced various repairs at different times has survived to the present. The north side was expanded with shops later. Walls of Ta·han are built of smooth hewn stone whereas arones of its portico and vaults are of bricks. Gutter tiles of its roof were changed with the concrete mosaic ones in the 1980 repair.

To the northwest of the Bedesten is Vak·f Inn which includes three storeys and a courtyard. Vak·f Inn and the mosque on the southeast were both put up in 1781 by a charitable citizen, Hac· Yahya according to the inscription of the fountain in the mosque's courtyard.
Entrance to the ground floor is from the east. Open courtyard is surrounded by a portico and rooms behind it. First floor is accessed by an entrance gate on the south. On this floor is entrance to the mosque, four shops and a fountain. Rooms lined up around the courtyard are in different sizes. There is a vaulted room in the middle on the northern side. On the second floor are rooms with porticos and a mosque. Its minaret is on the southeast corner was ruined in time.

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